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Kate Benham-Suk, MD

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy in Oakland, California

I am a Columbia and UCSF trained psychiatrist and psychotherapist working in Oakland. I believe psychotherapy helps individuals attain greater self-understanding, feel more fully alive, and develop stronger relationships. I utilize a variety of therapeutic modalities with an emphasis on psychodynamic psychotherapy. This means together, we will explore both your conscious and unconscious thoughts and motivations. Medication is also a tool that can be helpful, and I prescribe where indicated, in collaboration with my patients’ goals and preferences.
While I treat adults with all types of concerns, I also treat expectant and new parents. The transition to parenthood is always complicated. It can be wonderful, but it is often stressful and painful too. I address issues including postpartum depression or anxiety, labor and delivery trauma, miscarriage, infertility, and medications during pregnancy and breastfeeding. I enjoy working with individuals on any part of the gender spectrum as they approach these major life events.
I see patients both virtually and in person. I am licensed to see patients located anywhere in California.

About Me

Education and Training:


Academic Activities:

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My Services

Psychotherapy for Adults

Psychotherapy is not merely about relief from symptoms. It is an exploration of what makes us tick, and a pathway to more vitality, connection in relationships, and a sense of freedom.


My approach is psychoanalytic/psychodynamic, which means that I am interested in listening for both your conscious and unconscious thoughts and motivations. Together we will explore these as a way of understanding current struggles or concerns.


I believe psychotherapy is most effective when it occurs once weekly or more frequently.


Medication Management

I offer collaborative and thoughtful evaluation, initiation, and ongoing medication treatment for adults.


Perinatal Mental Health

I work with expectant , new, and nursing parents, and will meet with you to understand your treatment needs. I will also discuss medication safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding, if applicable.


I am not contracted with any insurance panel. However, your insurance provider’s out-of-network benefits may cover a portion of my fees. Your bill will have codes that can be submitted to your insurance for reimbursement.


Contact Me

Finding the right psychiatrist and therapist can be intimidating, particularly if you are seeking treatment for the first time. Often it comes down to whether or not it feels like a comfortable fit. I offer a free 15-minute telephone consultation so you can get a sense of me and I can hear about your goals.

5299 College Ave, Suite C3

Oakland, CA 94618

tel: (510) 342-9885

fax: (972) 435-4345

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